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Zelandu is end-to-end digital agency who help you create the functional websites and app, from idea to a valueable business.


Some of our recent projects


Zelandu specialize in designing of successful websites for businesses ready to take their name, game and fame to the next level. Zelandu aims to deliver comprehensive web design services that represnt your brand, your customers, you, and only you.

Whether you are seeking open new open doors for your business, extract the most from your current arrangement or see as a more proficient and powerful way forward, we have you covered.

Web Development

Web development is spending hours on planning first, iteration of improvement, adaptable reaction to change, and consistent correspondences. No interminable back and advances, no dreadful shocks. Here, we center just around you and convey an approved site at a running pace.


Zelandu help business through eCommerce Website Development to Cater their needs and provide professionally design and developed eCommerce solution services to businesses across various industries.
Masterly eCommerce Web Design Services

Social Media

Our design and marketing team collaboratively build your social media presence and most up to date information & to allow sharing of social updates with ease.

Our social media team design promotional banners/stories that allows you to gain followers & direct traffic to your website.


How we process your project

01 Discussion

Our team will perform research based on the discussion to plan and inform the phases of the project.

02 Wireframing

Prototypes of the designs, we create wireframes to plan out the structure and user flow of your project.

03 Design

Collaborative processes help to design the project from end-to-end using modern design tools.

04 Development

The approved designs from the design phase are used to develop a functional version of the project on our staging server.


05 Content

The project functionality is developed and content is written as outlined within the project spec.

06 Testing

The project goes through a full Q&A and interoperability testing procedure, to make sure optimal performance.

Zelandu is your end-to-end digital agency in London, Portland, Stockholm and Karachi

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